Out With The Old

In with the new. Hand-me-downs that is. I love second hand items. I love cleaning out my closet (no Eminem jokes, please), and I love getting things other people don’t want anymore and finding new ways to include them in my wardrobe. This skirt is a second hand item, and I’ve had fun pairing it with different things. This outfit, so far, is my favorite way to wear it. The best part of this skirt is that it has pockets.

The Michael Kors boots are actually the only somewhat new thing I’m wearing. My headband is from World Market a long time ago, my shirt and tights are both old Target purchases, my wallet is also a sort of hand-me-down, and my favorite watch that I wear almost every day is at least a year old and getting cheaper every time I check for it on Amazon (link below). Thanks for reading that extra long run-on sentence.

Unrelated to fashion, I just got back from a mountain vacation with almost all of my favorite Loffers. I basically just packed pajamas and books, so imagine how my week went. Yeah, it was pretty fantastic.

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