Chambray Top

October is finally here! This is my favorite month of the whole year. I know it’s officially fall in September, but it never feels like it to me until October. So in honor of my favorite month and season, I’m wearing boots today. This outfit is full or wardrobe staples.

A chambray top should be part of everyone’s closet. Perfect for layering or wearing all by itself. It’s a requirement in my closet next to a white button up. Also, black pants or jeans, and a good pair of boots for the fall/winter months. These are from last season, and I could only find them in black. So, link below to those for anyone interested. I love these because they’re really comfortable and I like the worn look of them. I also love the dark colored toe. Cap toe shoes are everywhere this fall. I like that look, but it’s more subtle on these boots.

Not a lot of jewelry with this outfit, because I don’t know why. I just didn’t feel accessorizing. However, I did manage to double up on the beaded wrap bracelets from Towne & Reese. Keepin’ it simple, ya’ll.

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