Dressed Up Jeans

Looking back at photos of my early teens, I chose to wear some odd things, really odd ways. One of them being skirts or dresses over whatever pants I was wearing. I’m not sure if I ever wore just a dress all by itself. I know it’s not weird to wear short dresses over leggings, you see women do it all the time. But you don’t see jeans as the primary layer very often. It isn’t practical, but it is fun. I for one, like the idea of being able to wear my favorite jeans and my favorite dress at the same time. So when I have a hard time deciding between two things, I wear them both. (Except for shoes. My 13 year old self did that, but 22 year old me says no).

Links to some of these items are below. The dress is from Target a long time ago, and the cardigan is unavailable at Forever 21, but I linked to one that I love equally as much (and it’s on sale!).


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