Little Black Dress

I found this black dress at H&M. It was one of the cheap ones (as are most things at H&M). I can’t remember exactly, but I know it was less than twelve dollars, which is about as cheap as it’s going to get. I actually think it’s a pretty good deal for the price. It’s a nice length, short sleeved, and not see through which I always appreciate in a dress. It’s stretchy and comfortable too. They also had it in about twenty other colors, if you don’t want black.

Here is a better photo of my nails, if you want to see them a bit closer. I wanted to add something festive since the holidays are right around the corner. I did the gold stripes with washi tape, and then added a clear top coat to seal it all in. The red I used is Siren by Pure Ice. My Sister-in-law told me about it, and it is now the only red polish I want to buy.

My bag is by Rebecca Minkoff, the gold cuff is from Towne & Reese, and my tights are from Ross. Everything else you can find below.

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