Oh Sandy

These outfit photos are from a while back, but it’s been a crazy week, so here they are. I was in NYC last weekend visiting my BFF, and thankfully was able to make it back home before the storm hit. Also thankfully, all my friends are safe. It’s crazy to see photos of all the damage when I was just there a few days ago walking around in the beautiful fall weather. That city and all its people are so inspiring. I always have tons of fun when I visit.

I got plenty of shopping in, and made sure to go places that I can only shop online at home. I also made mental notes of my favorite looks I saw while we were out and about. This includes the woman dressed as Tina Turner, and the man dressed as (and responded to) Rambo. Every time I go to NYC, I remember how nice it is to be able to wear whatever I want, however I want, and no one cares. It’s pretty liberating. If I want to walk around in pajamas and not wash my hair, no one cares. In fact, I think I did that. (I’m pretty wild.)

The more I visit, the more I love that place. Ya hear that? I love you, New York.

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me too! Love this!

Emily Angell

Love this look!

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