The French Way

I’ve come to really like French culture, and a trend I noticed while we were in France last fall is that most French women wear simple, timeless, and elegant clothing. While I do love my floral print pants, there’s something very appealing about having a minimalist wardrobe. Two pairs of jeans, one dark, one light. A pair of flats, heels, and boots. A little black dress. Solid or striped tees and tanks. Good quality sweaters in basic colors. The short list of essentials goes on like that. Just simple, timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched many different ways. The French know what’s up.

I took a tip from their wardrobe essentials handbook and bought this top. I wonder if they’d be proud of me for choosing basic stripes. Either way, I really like it and it’s proving to be pretty versatile so far. Madewell has a bunch of striped tees out right now, I actually had a hard time choosing in the store. These shoes are a good idea too. Black flats that fold into a small pouch you can throw in your purse. You’ll have something to change into when your feet start to feel those 5 inch stilettos you’ve been wearing. These jeans are also from Madewell, but are several years old. My necklaces are from Artist & Fleas in NYC, and unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the vendor I purchased from.

That’s all for today. Have a happy weekend, people.

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