Tough Love

I titled this post “Tough Love” for two reasons. First, because no matter how bony your arms are,  you can’t not feel tough in a leather biker jacket. And second, because two of my dear friends were in the room with me when these photos were taken and neither of them said a word about the wild hairs rebelling on the left side of my head. Thanks, guys. Love you too.

I thought about my options when I uploaded this set of photos and realized just how silly my hair looks. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s those few crazy hairs that are killing my OCD. I could try to photoshop them out, I could re-shoot the outfit, or I could just not post them. Instead I decided that this sort of thing happens to everyone at least once in their life, and it’s ok. It’s like wearing a cute outfit and wondering why everyone has been staring at you all day, then going to the bathroom and finding a dryer sheet hanging from the bottom of your pants leg. It happens. Point is, tell your friend when they have broccoli in their teeth.

I’m diggin’ burgundy this fall, and these pants have been in heavy rotation lately. My leather jacket is from ASOS last year, but there’s a link to a similar one below. Oh, and if you love what I did with my hair this post, comment below and I’ll do a tutorial.

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Give me the secrets to your wild sexy hair! Girl, where is that tutorial!??

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