Muscle Tee

I’ve been lifting a lot of weights, and wanted to show you how buff my arms are now. Just kidding. It’s Friday! We are headed to the beach this afternoon, so t-shirt and jeans it is. I’m keeping it simple since we’ll be in the car for a while.

As you can see by my facial expression in the main photo of this post, I’m very happy for the weekend. Lots of good stuff coming up soon. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for this here blog. There are some that I’m really excited about, so keep coming back.

This outfit is pretty straight forward, so there’s really not a lot to say about it. I would however, like to say that I think everyone deserves to have a favorite t-shirt. This is mine at the moment, and I recommend you all go buy one. It’s baggy and textured and a bit heavy and perfect. It also kind of looks like it’s inside out, but it isn’t. That’s a good idea though. You could double the amount of outfits you have simply by turning them all inside out.

Or not. I’m off to spend quality time with the Atlantic. See ya Monday, friends.

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