Disco Feet

The temperatures are cooling off, and it’s been pretty gloomy around here for the most part. This is my favorite weather. The kind that makes you want to stay in bed all day and watch Anne Of Green Gables. Since I can’t really do that, I’ll wear this hot pink shirt to add some fun color in this lackluster weather.

These shoes are pretty bright too, actually. I wore this exact outfit to a Broadway show in NYC, and my sister (who was with me for hours on end) didn’t even notice my shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever walked past a pair of shoes covered in shiny silver glitter and not noticed. Maybe she was blinded by my blouse. The real reason though, is probably that we were in a busy city with tons of people who wear crazy things. Glitter oxfords are hardly noticeable in a place with so many interesting things to look at.

All of my braceletes (except the Towne & Reese wrap bracelet) were gifts. My bag is from Jcrew last year, the shoes are from Francesca’s Collections, and there’s a link to the same top, but different colors below.

Since I referenced Anne Of Green Gables earlier, I can’t not leave you with one of her many memorable quotes. “It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable.” – L.M. Montgomery

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