Blending In

When I buy clothes, I usually go by this motto: quality vs. quantity. I’m willing to spend more on something timeless, and that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of. However, when I find a new trend that I like, I usually buy the knock off version first to test it out. These jeans are a prime example. I’ve been seeing a lot of camo lately. In stores, and on fashion blogs that I follow. I liked it, so I bought these jeans at Target. I paired them with this top to soften the look up a bit, and make them look a little more stylish and a little less ready-to-go-deer-hunting. You’d look trendy wearing these jeans in any other major city, but in the South you just look like everyone else. North Carolina is always so behind on the fashion curve, but in this case, it’s like your Mom being a hipster before hipsters existed.

I’m obsessed with this bag right now. It’s my very first Rebecca Minkoff purchase, and I love it so much. The cuff was a gift. And if you’ve been here before, you’ve already seen this Fossil watch.


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