Thrift Store Success

Who doesn’t love a good thrift store find? Or two in my case. I know people who are really good at finding cool items when they go thrifting, but I don’t think I possess that skill. Maybe it’s just timing, and I go when all that’s left are bad prom dresses and women’s turquoise velveteen pant suits from the 80′s (complete with shoulder pads). More times than not, I find nothing, but there are those rare special occasions when I get lucky and find something great. Here’s an example – the lace tank and blue cardigan I’m wearing. Both were found in a small resale shop.

It’s probably rude of me to talk about how much I love this lace tank when you can’t get it anywhere, but I love it. It works so well as a basic layer. You may see it quite often this fall. Links to a similar cardigan and tank are below, and even though you barely notice my shoes in this outfit, there’s a link to them as well.┬áCheers to thrift store success.

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