Ombre Hombre

I’m not going to lie. I don’t have much to say about this outfit in its entirety. I feel like it’s pretty straight forward. I just want to talk about this top, because it’s new and I love it.

I got it at Victoria’s Secret during their semi-annual sale. Before my bff moved to NYC, we shopped the semi-annual sale at VS whenever it came around. I haven’t been pretty much since she moved, but I was encouraged to do so when I heard they had cute clothes in their sale section. It’s ombre, which is cool I guess. I see ombre all over the internet. Everything from hair, clothes, nails, and also home decor. I don’t have anything else that is ombre, though if I were to ever put color on these locks, I think the most low maintenance hair choice would be ombre color. The material is really light too, so even though it’s long sleeves, its sheerness will make it wearable at least for most of the summer here in North Carolina. The beading on it is really fun too, and it’s mesmerizing if you’re 6 months old like my nephew. Plus it’s yellow, and who doesn’t like yellow shirts?

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