The Scarf

Caleb almost always chooses his outfits the night before, and if I’m near, he’ll ask my opinion. “What should I wear? You think I should wear those pants with that shirt? Men’s style is different, you can’t wear black with brown,” are sentences I often hear during our menswear conversations. The only thing I never encourage him to wear is this scarf.

It’s not because it doesn’t look good on him. It’s because I want to wear it myself. Purely selfish motives behind my scheme in convincing him to choose any other scarf but that one. He caught on to my tricks right away, so it never works, but I still try anyway and hope that he likes me enough to share it on occasion.

Clearly he does, because I’m wearing it in this post. He got it over a month ago, and it’s been an ongoing battle ever since. If it weren’t the softest cashmere I’ve ever felt, and such a nice neutral shade of gray, it wouldn’t be so tempting. As you can see here, and more recently here, this scarf isn’t the first thing of my husband’s that I’ve wanted to claim as my own. Unfortunately for me, I have nothing in my closet to exchange for the things I want to steal. I don’t know why, but when I offer to let him wear my ombre yellow sheer blouse with sequins on it in exchange for the scarf, he never accepts. Weird.

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