Cobalt Dream

A few weeks ago I was doing what I do best, shopping online, and I came across a beautiful cobalt Carven coat. I ran to my closet and pulled out this vintage beauty that my Dad picked out for me years ago. It’s pretty close, right? So imagine my excitement when I fell in love with the Carven, and then remembered I had a coat so similar already in my closet. I’m ahead of the times apparently.

As I’ve expressed¬†in a previous post, I really love cobalt blue everything. Also, black and blue together – so great. I paired the coat with Jessica Simpson heels, and I know everyone and their Mother’s best friend probably has a pair of black tights, but I still included mine in the articles below.

My only accessory here is the Chelsea bracelet from Towne & Reese. I’ve had it since right around the time I launched this blog, and still wear it regularly, so thanks T&R!


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