Orange Love

Sometimes when I blog, I feel like I’m writing a love letter to whatever I’m wearing in that particular post. I’ve always been big on writing letters. Letters to my husband, long distance letters, and even letters to my best friend who I saw every other day. Now that I have a personal style blog, I write letters to my clothes. Or at least it feels that way some times. I love clothes. Ones that are made of nice material, fit well, are long lasting, are unique, and have plenty of pockets for all the chapstick I carry around. When I find something that meets those criteria, I want to share it with the world. So I’m here today to write a letter to my new orange coat.

I recently purchased thisĀ trench coat, but I also wanted a light coat to wear on those random days in December when it should be really cold outside, but it’s actually a humid 70 degrees (yay South). This one fit the bill. I can’t attest to the longevity of it, since I’ve had it all of two weeks, but aside from that, it meets all of the above criteria. It’s fully lined, warmer than it looks, and it has chapstick pockets. It’s one of those nice fitting coats you can put a belt around and almost wear it as a dress. You should have that kind of coat, because it is lovely.

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