Trench With A Twist

I’ve been wanting a trench coat for a while now, and instead of going with a more classic look, I decided to buy this one with faux leather sleeves. It’s a fun twist on an old staple. I almost always have a hard time resisting closet staples with an added flare of uniqueness. It’s fun to find a top you’ve seen a hundred times with a bit of added lace or a small pop of color.

I kept the rest of the look simple, as to not distract from the main item in this post. Though if you wanted to amp things up a bit, a shade of dark red lipstick would look nice. You could also swap out the jeans for tights and wear a dress. I’m still in search of the perfect pair of black heels, so until then, black flats will do. And do you know what would really make this look complete? A monocle. For some reason, wearing this coat with a popped collar makes me want to wear a monocle and hold a pipe in my mouth. Don’t get excited, Caleb. It’s not gonna happen.

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