The Blues

I’m back with another striped top from Madewell. I told you I had a hard time choosing in the store. This one appears to be sold out online, but I have faith that it will be restocked for your sake (or you could just check in stores). I found this tee through a video that Madewell posted when their long sleeved tees came out for the fall. This was one of the many, and what makes it so great is its extremely soft fabric, and the fact that it’s thin enough to use as a layer, but not so thin that you need a layer under it if you wear it by itself. The only down side is that it has to be hand washed. You know I really love a piece of clothing if I’m willing to take the time to wash it by hand. Especially a t-shirt. This also coming from the girl who doesn’t iron anything.

My corduroy pants are also from Madewell, but they’re a few years old so there’s a link to a similar pair of lighter brown ones below. My scarf is from Forever 21. My hair clip is from my friend Emily’s shop, Borrowed Lark. (Another Borrowed Lark clip worn here.) She makes cute accessories for females of all ages. It’s a fun way to spice up your hairdo, so go browse her shop.

And now that I have successfully posted an outfit in which you can’t currently buy anything (unless you have tiny feet or the hook up at Madewell), I will leave you. Thanks for hangin’.

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