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Christmas is fast approaching, so I wanted to do a post on shopping online for any of you gift givers who, like myself, would rather shop online than go to absurdly busy shopping centers. These tips may or may not be old news to you, but I’m going to share anyway.

Number one, tip number one: check more than one website. If you know what you’re looking for, check several places online. The place your originally found the item may not be the cheapest. I very much dislike going to Walmart, but their online ordering is fantastic, and delivery is fast and very inexpensive. Amazon typically has the best deals on electronics, but not always. That’s why you should check all over. Google is your friend here.

Number two: search for coupon codes.  This has saved me quite a bit. When you find something you want to buy, search for coupon codes on websites like (or just google, because it’s your friend). For clothing related coupons and deals, I follow The Chloe Conspiracy. Not only is she super cute and stylish, but she’s also a smart shopper and posts deals frequently for her readers. Her big daily list of deals tells you what deals start today, end today, and you can browse alphabetically if you’re looking for one store or brand in particular. Genius.

Tip number three: sign up for newsletters and updates from the sites you visit most. I know it can get overwhelming when you’ve got tons of emails coming to your inbox begging you to spend money, but a lot of places give you an exclusive offer just for signing up. And of course, you’ll be notified when they have a sale. It’s even an option on some sites to get updates about one particular thing you’ve had your eye on — If it’s going on sale, almost sold out, or back in stock, which is pretty helpful.

I hope that these tips have helped you in some way, and good luck with your holiday shopping! If you’re already a pro online shopper, then just appreciate my Internet T-shirt from Fourth Floor Print Shop. It’s my new fave.

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