Glitter Princess

I’ve never really been much of a glitter or sequin person. My Sister-in-law is the opposite of me on that front. So when I found this skirt at Zara, I immediately thought of her. It’s been hanging in my closet untouched for a while now, so she helped me style it. I’m still experimenting, since I’m new at this whole glitz and glam thing. But now that I’ve taken the plunge, I’ve decided to find a shiny new dress for Christmas parties this season.

This skirt is no longer on Zara’s website, but I posted some other fun options below. Just in case you are like me, and would love to wear something like this, but don’t know how, I will tell you exactly how I’d wear them. Oh, and don’t give me any of that “I could never pull that off” stuff, because you totally can. Who told you that you’re limited to certain styles, anyway? If you are confident in it, it will look good on you. There’s my “you go girl” rant of the day. Let’s get back on track.

I’d wear the Club Monaco skirt with a dark colored tank, and a structured blazer. Some simple heels, and maybe a long chain necklace. I’d wear the Free People skirt with a plain white tee tucked in (like the model). Untucked would work too, but why would you want to cover up those pretty chiffon ruffles? I’d pair it with comfy flats, a slouchy black beanie, and a leather jacket for cold outdoor weather. The AllSaints black sequin skirt is probably my favorite. I’d pair it with a gray tee layered under a patterned button up (Or, a button up underneath a color block sweater for added warmth), crazy colored heels, and lots of jewelry. Black is my favorite color to work with because it goes with everything.

Onto things other than skirts… my jacket is a lot more orange in person. I wore it in this post, if you want more details. There is a link to my boots below, but black is the only color in stock. More random notes: it’s too warm out for December, and I really need a haircut.

Have a lovely Monday.

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