Breaking The Rules

I have breakfast with my Mom and Sister once a week, and the first thing my Sister said when I walked up was, “Cute pants! Does this mean I can wear white after labor day now?” I don’t make the rules, and apparently I don’t follow them if it means I can’t wear these pants past a certain day of the year. What a weird rule. Would you like to know where it comes from? I had heard the rule forever, but wasn’t sure how it came about until I looked it up.

Apparently, rich people’s summer wardrobe color of choice was white in the early 1900s. It set them apart from people who couldn’t afford summer vacations, and were stuck wearing traditional black suits while they worked the summer season away. Reason number two for the fashion rule is that white reflects heat, so wearing white is a symbol of summer. Since Labor Day means the end of summer, it also means the end of all that summer entails. Reason three is because fashion editors say so. The voices behind fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, came from New York. These voices put out fashion layouts that represented the way they dressed throughout the changing seasons (even if it didn’t reflect the rest of the country’s seasonal wear). So, when the summer heat subsided, the warm weather bright colors and light fabrics went away too.

There you have it. The reasons for the “no white after Labor Day” rule. I personally think it’s a little strange, but what do you think? Do you wear white after Labor Day?

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