Shirt And Tie

I intended on taking photos of my new favorite t-shirt to post today, but weather and other stuff got in the way of that. So here is an outfit from a few weeks back. I put this one together right before I walked out the door and it was one of those, “all my clothes suck right now, but I’ve changed so many times that I’m sticking with this one” outfits. I like it.

I got the green undershirt I’m wearing over a year ago at Anthropologie, but I posted some other great options below. It’s a pretty simple look, really. And there are about 50 different ways to mix it up. Different undershirts with different sweaters. Oh the possibilities! My sweater is from Gap, and my cords are from Madewell.

Today is a short one, but look at the bright side, you still have my new favorite t-shirt to look forward to.

(And if you’re looking for more reading material, you can always check out Monday’s post┬áin which I wear the cat’s pajamas. There aren’t any cats, but there are unicorns, which are way cooler.)

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