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In the spirit of holidays and lounging around, I wanted to post my new pj’s. I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and if you were brave enough to fight through the mob of people shopping on Friday, I hope you survived unscathed. I for one, shop Black Friday from the comfort of my own home, in pajamas that make me look like I’m five years old.

Comfy clothes for bumming around, are among my list of top five favorite types of clothes. That being the case, I felt like it was necessary to devote at least one blog post to loungewear. Lucky for me, my typical work attire consists of an oversized Newsies t-shirt, and black yoga pants. Working from home is awesome, guys. I used to mostly wear hand-me-down ’80s and ’90s tees from my parents, so my collection of awesome old t-shirts has grown considerably over the years. Not that I don’t love them, but sometimes it’s fun to indulge in nice new pajamas every once in a while.

These are my latest, and I’ve posted some other favorites that I’ve seen around the web down below. Oh, and how much do you love my chair? It is by far the best seat in my house. If you’re curious, it’s from The Pack Rat’s antique shop in Monroe, NC. A really cute place right next to the best coffee shop ever, Alice Jules.

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