Cascade Dress

Yesterday was election day, and this outfit has nothing to do with that other than this is the only dress I own that I could wear casually to a last minute brunch date with friends, or pair with a blazer and go meet the president. Seriously though, ┬áIt’s a dress that can be worn to just about any event, and that kind of find is rare, you guys.

Just like any outfit, the shoes and accessories you pair with it will determine how dressy or casual you want to look. Here it’s a little more casual with boots and a leather jacket, but if I wore heels and threw on a nice coat or blazer, I’d be set for a date night out. When I found it, I immediately thought of five different ways to wear it. The pattern is interesting, but not too crazy. And since it’s black and white, you can wear so many different colors with it.

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll tell you that I rarely wear dresses. I probably own less than five, and that includes my wedding dress. So it’d have to be pretty spectacular for me to rave about it here. That’s all I gotta say about that.

(P.S. Notice anything new in my photos? We ventured outside. Just trying to keep things interesting around here.)

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