Super Cool Camo, Bro

Let’s talk about trends for a minute. I know people who shop for trendy looks, people who don’t care, and people who steer clear of them. Personally I always like to know what the latest trend is, but I rarely go out and purchase unless it’s something I feel like I’d want to wear even after it stops being thrown in my face by the media. I’m not sure what it is about camouflage pants, but when I started seeing them on fashion blogs and in my favorite clothing stores around the beginning of fall, I wanted a pair.

I already talked about camo a little in this post, and how it’s nothing new in the South. You’d think it would have the opposite effect on me since camo represents everything I’m not interested in here, i.e. hunting, pick up trucks covered in mud that sit five feet off the ground, mullets, etc. But no, even those things weren’t enough to change my mind. I finally settled on the pair in this post, which I purchased a mere three weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been seeing less and less camo, so I’m not sure if it’s actually cool anymore. Either way, I really like these. They’re really soft, they have a cute zipper detail at the ankle, and they’re cropped (which my husband thinks is a fancy word for high waters).

My cardigan is old, but there’s a link to a nice one below, and my tank is from Aeri ages ago. You’ll probably see these boots a lot around here as they are my favorite shoes right now. If you need more camo in your life, there’s a studded pair here, a subtle pair here, and a designer pair here. And if you need more of me in your life, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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