Jean Jacket To Love

Gasp! Another dress?! This is another one of the five I told you about last week. What’s more shocking to me is the blue jean jacket though. I was homeschooled all growing up, so new school clothes were kind of¬†unnecessary. I remember one particular year though, it was the same year that I pretended a closet was my school locker, and I wanted to cry every time I heard the words “if you can’t correct these math problems, your Dad will explain them when he gets home.” (bane of my existence. love you, Dad.), my Mom took me shopping and bought me a Mudd jean jacket. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was dark denim and it had the Mudd logo plastered on the back. Then one day I outgrew the Mudd brand and thought my jean jacket was way too 90′s, and it was like, so not cool anymore.

Since then, I haven’t liked jean jackets. Too many photos of bad haircuts and outfit choices back then that left a bad taste in my mouth. Then of course they started coming back in style, and I thought, “Jean jackets? Why couldn’t it have been flare jeans instead?” I never found a jean jacket that I liked. Until this one. This one doesn’t look like a normal jean jacket. It’s a biker jacket, which makes the jean material a lot more tolerable.

I guess this is a lesson in “never say never,” because when I let go of my first jean jacket I said I’d never wear another, and here I am sporting one on my blog. Are there any trends or styles you thought you’d never like, but now you do? It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. But really, do tell. I’d love to know.

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