Emerald Diamonds

If you look in my closet, you will find two types of pants: crazy ones, and jeans. I was noticing that the other day when I was organizing my pants from most dazzling to least exciting. I’m kind of all or nothing when it comes to the bottom portion of an outfit (and I don’t mean nothing as in, I wear nothing. Get your mind outta the gutter). I think it’s because I have a lot of basic tops, and for some reason, I am attracted to patterned pants. See examples here, here, and here. I found these at Zara when I was in NYC last month, and unfortunately I can’t find them online. I’ve got your back though, and if you’re looking to add green pants to your wardrobe, a few of my favs are posted down below.

This top was also purchased while I was in NYC. I needed a white blouse, and I was surprised to find this one at H&M. It’s longer in the back without being too short in the front, and I love the cinched detailing at the shoulders. Since I can’t post a link to this top, a few other great options are below.

Also, I was just kidding about the organizing pants thing. I don’t really do that.

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