Christmas Cardigan

I say this a lot, but it’s only because I want what’s best for you. All women should shop in the men’s section as well as the women’s. It’s even better if you have a man in your life that lets you borrow his clothes. But if you don’t have that luxury, check out both sides of the store next time you go shopping. You may find a gem of a sweater such as the one I’m wearing. Caleb would never wear this, so I bought it for myself. It’s roomy, really warm, and looks good with my favorite leggings and boots.

This one came from Old Navy about three years ago, and every fall and winter I get so excited to start wearing it again. It’s the perfect, “I’m cold, it’s raining, and I’m totally not leaving my house” sweater. It’s also pretty festive looking, which is why I wore it to decorate my parent’s Christmas tree. Since you can’t get it at Old Navy anymore, I posted some similar options below. One of them is a Women’s cardigan in case you only wear clothes made for female bods. (I hope you don’t though, because you’re missing out on a whole world of clothing opportunities.)

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