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Is it too early to start making New Year’s resolutions? I’m going to make the most cliche one of all, and go ahead say that I’m going to get in shape in 2013. I’ve been living in work out clothes lately, but they should probably just be called errand clothes since December’s busy schedule has caused me to toss exercise out the window. Hey, what’s your excuse? I’ve found that cute clothes motivate me to get my butt up and moving, so here’s some of my favorite running gear.

Nike Free running shoes are my favorite that I’ve come across. Everyone raves about them, and they live up to the hype. They also come in almost every color/pattern combination your creative mind can conjure up. I also wore them in this post¬†with floral jeans and a silk top.

I can’t remember how I found Purusha People’s Etsy shop, but I’m glad I did. I wear this tee the most out of all my work out tops. It’s really soft, and I love that the neckline is lower than most regular old t-shirts. An added bonus is that when you wear it, people will ask you really unfunny yes or no questions. I’m sure that’s enough to get you to head over to her shop.

Last but not least, I want to talk about these tights. I searched high and low for good quality and cute work out clothes, and I really love Splits59. It might seem crazy to pay a pretty penny for clothes that you’re going to sweat in, but this brand is so good. Cute, colorful, and so well made. I highly recommend their activewear, and no one told me to say that. I just love them that much.

Here’s to good clothes, and consistently getting my workout on.

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